Chem Dawg Cannabis Black Light Poster

Chem Dawg Cannabis Black Light Poster

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This superb black light CHEM DAWG poster has a mad scientist standing behind his desk holding a big fat Chem Dawg Bud performing an experiment with his THC-O Meter, OG KUSH bowl overflowing and a large fluorescent green Bong emitting smoke depicting a face with glowing red eyes. The Dawg is gazing in the direction of the smoke with an amazed look. 

Flowering Cannabis plants in the foreground with the words "Your'e My Best Friend" in glowing red writing over them. 

The perfect gift for any mad scientist, very popular seller.

Originating in the psychedelic 60's and 70's black light poster contain inks that fluoresce under ultraviolet lights emitted from black light bulbs. 

Dimensions: 55 x 85 cm

Available in block board